We are Fast-tracking a new PPE Mask production facility.

The Covid19 Pandemic has turned our world upside down. I want to help people adjust to the new normal as we deal with the Corna virus. Our primary focus will be on serving our front line first responders and schools with affordable masks. We will add capacity to assist commercial ventures as needed to protect workers.


This is why we need to wear masks to fight the Corona Virus

This is an extreme case but all of that spray spreads the virus. Wearing a mask prevents the spray from infecting everyone in the room with the Covid19 virus.

New cost effective machines will help us make better masks to fight the Covid19 Virus

This is one of the new machines that will allow us to produce masks here quickly, and cost-effectively without bidding for them around the world to fight the Corona Virus.

Quality is the most important issue! Do you know where your mask is made?

Next time you put a mask in front of your face think about this! We want to fight the Covid19 Virus not germs from a dirty factory.

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