The battery is designed to be inserted in only one direction. There are slots in the battery that fit only one direction and which prevent the battery from fully seating in the battery bay if it is accidentally put in the wrong way.

HOWEVER, if you insert the battery the wrong way and then force the battery door close

Can I use a 64GB or 128GB SD card ? How do I format those cards?

YES ! But read below!

IMPORTANT about micro SD Cards


The AlcovePro 4k Cine is a true 4k camera and as such needs fast micro SD cards to work correctly.

The camera is certified to work with U1 or U3 cards.

If you are shooting 4k/UHD you need a U3 card.

If you are shooting HD or lower, a U1 card is fine.

Anything less may work depending on your usage, but it is not certified to work, buy at your own risk.

SUPPORT FOR 64GB and 128GB Micro SD cards (and even some 32GB cards)

The AlcovePro 4k Cine can support a 64BG and 128GB cards, HOWEVER, those cards must be formatted to FAT32 format before you put them in the camera. Most manufacturers format 64BG and 128GB cards with EXFAT, which out of the box will not work in the camera.

Your Windows PC can be used to format the cards to FAT32, BUT you need to use a product like DiskGenius to re-format the card to FAT32. The software built-in to your PC will not do it. For the MAC you can use their Disk Utility app –

3.  Write Protected cards

The micro SD cards usually come with a full size SD card carrier, that holds the card and lets you plug it into your PC to read, copy, and format the cards. Those SD carriers have a small tab on the edge that can be set to WRITE PROTECT the card. And while they never come from the manufacturer set to WRITE PROTECT, they can be slid or bumped into that mode.  HERE is a great tutorial on how to check for that and make the changes to allow WRITE MODE –

Apps to control the 4k Cine


1. How do I get the smartphone apps to control my Cine 4k?




Wrist Remote Control

Remember to turn the Remote Control setting on the camera ON first.


Proper SD Card Insertion

Take care when inserting the Micro SD card into the slot – make sure the card “Clicks” into place and is fully seated. You need to depress the card, likely with your finger nail, to seat it.

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