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As we dive thru the clear water on Bonaire a large barracuda appears in a school of Mas Bongos gliding thru the massive school of small fish. The AlcovePro 4K cine handles the wide range of light form under the schooling fish to the bright sun overhead.

The Bees of Summer

Watch out for the black wasp! This is a compilation of  lens tests Using our Prototype AlcovePro 4K Cine+ camera. Our new camera technology brings optical options to many venues that never had opportunities to examine their world in so much detail. The AlcovePro 4K Cine+ is adding functionality to our 4K Cine as opposed to removing features like GoPro hero 7 Black and Hero 7 White for the same hardware with restricted software. Options will be outstanding with the AlcovePro line of action cameras as we evolve to a line of Pocket camera systems designed with quality for pros on the goes and priced for people that want to stretch their equipment budgets and don't want to carry large camera bags full of gear.

Clouds and Contrails over Oakland California

Time Laps - watch the con-trails and clouds come in

Image Stabilization

Skiing Greek Peak - Image Stabilization 

Bonaire Dive

Underwater with the Cine 4k

San Francisco Bay at Sunset - Time Lapse

Traffic in the Bay Area

Go Carts in Vegas

Too much fun!

Sunrise on Oakland Construction

Wait for the sun to pop - (sorry, the hotel window was dirty...) 

Atlanta Concourse 2018

Ford '30s Roadster in UltraSlo(tm) slow motion 

GTM SuperCar

Multi-resolution test runs

Butterflies in UltraSlo(tm) slow motion

Garden in slo-mo

Atlanta 2018 Concourse

Chateau Elan, GA - Gorgeous 1961 Fleetwood